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 Calli's Creations

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Callista Malfoy
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PostSubject: Calli's Creations   Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:13 pm

Hey guys! All of you look like you could use a signature! So here we go! Request and use! That's my motto!

Close Up Avies

Full Body Avies

Portrayer Avies


With the Full Body Avies I can pretty much do whatever you want so don't be afraid to ask. If I have a problem or something I'll let you know Very Happy

So, if you would like something...Lemme know!

Name: (First & Last)(Specify if you want your whole name or not)
Item: (Avie: Close up, Full body, or Portrayer) (Siggy)
House: (Self-Explanatory(Gryffindor, Slytherin, etc.))
Picture: (Unless you want an avie like the one here)
Colors: (Again...Pretty self-explanatory)
Theme: (For full body Avie's only- Love, Fire, etc.)
Anything Else: (If you want an avie, I need to know if you want wings, hand gestures, etc. You can discuss this with me in a PM)(If you want a siggy, I need to know if you want any quotes, things like that. I might not be able to add lots of extra pictures(I'm new to this) but I can definitely try!)

The above is subject to change...

Don't Forget to Credit Me!
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Calli's Creations
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