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 Rules- Read Before Registering || Updated

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PostSubject: Rules- Read Before Registering || Updated   Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:37 pm

-REFRAIN FROM SET RELATIONSHIPS. It's a rule that is obviously not going to be taken strictly but this is more so a suggestion. Just have fun and post with random people and see what happens. Since when are set marriages cool? This is 2010. Of course, if a set marriage plot is what you have going then go for it, but don't go all "i need a ship". No you don't need a ship, you want one. Please just relax and slow down. Many role players on here who play as males have complained about this several times, and thus give up male characters because it's just so not needed. So unless you want an all girls school, chill out.

-When taking up a canon, we understand that you can't be active all day everyday. If you can't be active for two weeks, leave a note, and an alibi of where your character has been (in character) or what they're going to be up to to kind of upkeep for your absence.

-If you're taking an original character, and you haven't been around for a month, and we have no way to contact you? We shall have to delete you. Sorry<3

-Sorry but for now there is a limit of four characters per person and two of those must be male! If this rule is NOT followed we will have an all girls school and that is a problem. If you wish to play two cannons you may but that is all. I don't want one person taking on all of our needed characters. Your username needs to be your character's name. And try to refrain from roleplaying with only yourself. That's boring.

-The same face claim isn't allowed unless you're twins, OR the same face claim can be allowed with 2 different hair colors if the two characters using them are related. Otherwise, no.

-No godmoding, obvs!

-Don't change the plot around, please! It'll just confuse everyone. ((there will be a plot...just hang in there.))

-Make sure you register with a first and last name only. A good example is : James Potter. A bad example is james86, or James Sirius Potter.

-No death/suicide/murder without the permission of the admins.

-PLEASE don't double post!

-Please keep the swear words out of topic titles. Thanks.

-Haters are gonna be hating, so keep it private. Leave the OOC drama OFF the board.

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Rules- Read Before Registering || Updated
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